11 May 2008

WTF? What's that Jolly Pong?

  1. Aussie slang for 'smell'
    "When Mitch farts, he really pongs."

  2. Ancient video game, the simplest and most addictive of it's kind in which you play virtual ping pong.

  3. A verb meaning to beat someone in the testicles with a plank of wood from a picket fence.

  4. To get an apple (preferably a red one though green ones work too) whipped at your nuts at more than 55 mph.

  5. Intricate drinking game involving beer cups set up in particular formations on rectangular pieces of wood (which resemble ping-pong tables). Played using wooden ping-pong paddles w/o the handles (these are sawed off). Variations of alcohol used include: champong, martini pong, etc. Possible formations include: shrub, tree, ship, tower of boot, among others.

  6. (Jolly Pong)
    A Korean puffed wheat snackfood that doubles as breakfast cereal. Tastes a bit like Honey Smacks. Has it's own interactive website, cutsie characters and cheesy jingle that gets stuck in your head.

Jolly-jolly Pong! Jolly-jolly Pong! Jo-o-o-o-o-o-o-lly PONG!


Y said...

ahahaha.. from the commercial, it sounds like it's pronounced Poong.

stickyfingers said...

I wonder what Poong means in Korean?

alex said...

ok...i am korean, so, i might answer for this..
that is not supposed to be heard like "poong"
it is definitely said..."pong"
i don't know why that sounds like that, but the meaning of "pong" here is nothing in particular.
that is more likely to be a visual sound...like "pop corn".
imagine the sound of poppopop..

korean people just think of that kind of sound like "pong" also it is meant to be sounded in a "cute" version..

hope it helps you understand it..


Y said...

Haha.. well, pong IS a fairly cute word..

stickyfingers said...

Thanks for the explanation! I guess it's like wham - bang!

Anonymous said...

As seunghae said, it's a visual sound - this treat comes from a long-standing tradition of Korean snacking where street vendors roam with giant coal-heated pressure cookers. People come with bags of dried corn or rice and give it to the vendors who put it into the machine with a little sugar and cook it till it 'explodes' with a big bang sound similar to a loud 'PONG!'

The name for these treats escapes my mind at present but from memory it also includes a similar sound, and since they've been around since before my mother's time (and well before Jolly Pong was created), I would assume that this is where the name comes from.