18 June 2008

Tastespotting update. Liqurious

The delicious outrage of the loss of Tastespotting continues, bringing thousands of readers to my blog to read the old post about the stalker, in search of possible reasons for their sudden loss and hoping to find a replacement. Copy cats have sprung up, you can see the comments section of my last Tastespotting post for that.

And now, young web entrepreneur Jean Aw of NotCot has spoken again by updating the Tastespotting website and by revealing her latest enterprise, Liqurious - a Tastespotting for cocktails. Bring it on! www.liqurious.com

Tastespotting.com UPDATE 19 June 2008:

In trying to resolve this situation, TasteSpotting.com is in the process of having a new owner. She would like you to know that "we're just marinating a bit longer, but tastespotting will be back shortly...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the patience (delicious outrage! :) )...we're working around the kitchen timer to get ourselves back up and running better than before!