22 November 2007

Blog in Traditional Media - Thnx Ed

for Thursday, November 22, 2007

deipnosophist \dyp-NOS-uh-fist\, noun:

Someone who is skilled in table talk.

At the age of six his future as a deipnosophist seemed certain. Guzzling filched apples he loved to prattle. Hogging the pie he invariably piped up and rattled on.

-- Ellis Sharp, "The Bloating of Nellcock"

Deipnosophist comes from the title of a work written by the Greek Athenaeus in about 228 AD, Deipnosophistai, in which a number of wise men sit at a dinner table and discuss a wide range of topics. It is derived from deipnon, "dinner" + sophistas, "a clever or wise man."

A very flattering gesture, published in this week's Herald Sun City Style,
food and fashion insert. Deeply appreciated it caused a
frisson of excitement amongst my friends.

Kudos also to the immaculate and detail oriented Duncan Markham, Writer, Editor and blogger of Syrup and Tang.

Thank you Ed for being my Blogging mentor, your ability to balance your roles in the traditional and social media with great dexterity
are an inspiration.


Vida said...

Well done to you both!! Vida x

purple goddess said...

I'm fair chuffed for you both.

And, it was well deserved.

stickyfingers said...

Thanks Vida & PG. We now have a string of people demanding they come over to have the dish made in our Weber and others who say that they're so intimidated, they're never going to cook for us again :( Perhaps it's time to post a pickled pantry moth recipe?

Duncan said...

Pickled pantry moth pasties (just for the alliteration!)... reminds me of when I was studying in Canberra and there was a brief (brief!) enthusiasm for the idea of cooking up Bogong moths during the plagues.

Nicely posted, sticky:)

thanh7580 said...

Stickfingers, that's your signature dish now. Just like Nobu has his fish dish, so shall you. Next time I see you, I want to try your Barra again.

P.S I think the mention of conversion of non fish eaters might be referring to me :-). Ask any friends, I really don't like fish, but your dish was excellent.

stickyfingers said...

Thanks Thanh & Duncan.

Pickled Pantry Moth pasties played unpleasantly on my palate. Sounds very Pygmalion.

I think both of you were the non fish eaters in the group and it was a great compliment that you liked the concept. So Thanh, you want me to make the dish again next time we bloggers meet up?

Gosh - now here I was thinking that next time I would make seafood Paella (rather than the Basque snail and rabbit paella) or a sticky goat tagine seasoned with golden ras el hanout and lemons and served with ball bearing sized mougrabieh....hmm what a dilemma.

I like the concept of a signature dish though. Mine used to be roasted deboned whole quail stuffed with porcini risotto(again) and wrapped in pancetta with a pomegranate glaze on baby beetroot leaf and goats cheese salad, plate drizzled with extra virgin, home made pomegranate syrup and some smashed hazlenuts. I guess it has now been superseded...LOL!

If Christmas wasn't about to crash our lives I'm sure we'd be itching to get together again sooner. I now need to go and investigate hiring a roasting spit for Chrissy Day....can you see me rubbing the innards of a lamb carcass with garlic, lemon, za'atar and rosemary? Rhetorical.

thanh7580 said...

Sticky, I take it back. Don't make the fish dish next time. Please make the paella. I love paella, seafood one especially, with lots of shellfish. And goat tagine is fantastic too, love it.

I can see, I can. There you are with a whole lamb spinning away and drizzling it with lemon juice all the while snapping away with you DSLR.

I talked to Purple Goddess, she's going to try and organise something in late Jan or early Feb once the hectic Christmas season is out of the way.

grocer said...

i feel so isolated.

Squishy said...

That's Awesome Guys!