11 November 2007

Snot Block update

The Spanish were responsible not only for importing the vanilla pod to Europe from Central America, but also for supplying Europe’s languages with a name for it. In Spanish it is vainilla, a diminutive of vaina, ‘sheath’ – a reference to the long narrow pods. The ultimate source (root) of Spanish vaina is Latin vagina.

Two more posts have been added to Vanilla Slice Blog. We stopped at the Orange Spot Bakery in South Australia enroute home from our stay in The Barossa Valley to sample their second prizewinner. The second visit was to the much-vaunted San Sebastian, in Mr Stickyfingers’ old stomping ground, Hampton. Next up will be Chimmy’s in Abbotsford, thanks to a tip off at the site, where we have allocated a page for suggestions. Feel free to let us know where your favourite is.

By hook or by crook, Purple Goddess and I will make it to Sorrento for an eat off of their two most famous, in the next couple of weeks.

Vanilla Slice Blog – the quest for perfection.


purple goddess said...

Oh the travesty!!!

Rosebud Farmers Market... the sun is shining, the birds are singing. Furry and I are holding hands, making goo-goo eyes at each other.

The produce is local, organic, delightful.. rhubarbs, glistening in the sun, the first crop of stone fruit are piled up, cornucopic.. and then I spy it.. a stall selling fresh, organic bread.

I approach, visions of bruschetta dancing in my head.

And then I see them (**cue suitably eerie music**)

Vanilla slices!!

Thoughts of Stickyfingers swirl and eddy around my mind ...


I see they're all piled on top of each other, the bottoms ones oozing and groaning under the pressure of those above... and what's worse...


I beat a hasty retreat from them, hand on brow, swooning with the pain of it all.

I vaguely recollect some **collective gasp**


Not for you, my dear... not even for you.


Vida said...

Lovely to meet you last night sticky and your husband too... Your risotto smelt devine but I had peaked too early and even my sweets were in my belly and digesting by the time the fish made a showing... pity... next time, I hope... Vida x

Cakespy said...

I love reading about vanilla slice! It LOOKS like what we might call a Napoleon in the USA, or a mille-fueille in France...but I would love to taste one myself!