26 February 2008

Food on display. Cafe Greco

"No where is the stomach of the traveller or visitor put in such constant peril as among the cake - inventive housewives and daughters of New England. Such is the universal attention paid to this particular branch of epicurism in these states, that I greatly suspect that some of the Pilgrim Fathers must have come over to the country with the Cookery book under one arm and the Bible under the other."

Charles Joseph Latrobe (1836)

Cafe Greco Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia.


Anonymous said...

Spot on with the cookbook & bible analogy sticky!
You might be aware, Greco is the cornerstone of a certain restaurant group of which I was involved at the highest level for a few years.
This particular cake window, like those in Acland street with whom it shares the same glorious visual appeal, cakes were regularly not rotated by the frequently ill trained staff.
Like a lucky dip, punters came, they chose & they gambled.
Who said all food outlets at Crown aren't on message?

stickyfingers said...

That window certainly holds people in it's thrall, whether they find it delightful or replusively overstuffed and vulgar. There are always people gazing at it voyeuristically. It's lowest common denominator food porn isn't it?

I personally would choose one biscuit from Europa in Acland Street over that entire Cafe Greco cabinet...

A stroll through the food court showed that there is now an outlet selling some organics, which include a free range brekkie & steak sandwiches, so although Zampellis may not be moving forward with Greco, others outlets are.

Ed Charles said...

What's the eproblem with Acland St cakes? There's nothing like a lawyer of lacquer on food to preserve it and it saves staff the effort of having to rotate the leaden items.

stickyfingers said...

There's nothing like a bit of Shellac to add depth of character to a rum baba!

Jon! said...

I have to admit it is the sort of place I walk past, gaze at and move off. Luckily not with my mother, as she would beg me to take her in. Looks fantastic, but I can't personally comment on the taste other than to say that some friends who have fallen into the trap found the treats to be expensive and less tasty than the window promised.

And Sticky et al, I'm trying to arrange a table for a Foodie Trivia night next Thursday. If you are interested drop me a line on my blog.

Happy eating,

tigerfish said...

How can I not be tempted?
Just looking at desserts on display makes me feel good!

Anonymous said...

Hungry. NOW. For sugar.