21 February 2008

Regional Producers Day Daylesford

'Every February we hold a Regional Producers Day. Between 50 and 60 local producers set up stalls at Lake House, and offer cheeses, smallgoods, free range pork products, honey, organic vegetables and fruit, every imaginable kind of bread, berries, herbs and so on. It's a snapshot of the great things happening in the region. As many as 2,500 people come along and fill their baskets, we have live music and it's a lovely day.'

ALLA WOLF-TASKER, The Lake House, Daylesford, Victoria

Local Produce in Daylesford & The Macedon Ranges

Events in Daylesford

Apologies to dial up readers for the photo oriented post. I had the urge to showcase some more regional SOLE & Slow Food.


grocer said...

looks absolutely wonderful sticky!
i had the pleasure of hearing Alla talk at restaurant07 in Sydney last year and think she is a very clever and thoughtful lady.

Ran said...

i really wanted to go to this but was too busy ;(

Vida said...

Have I missed this??? V x

stickyfingers said...

Yes Vida, it was a couple of weeks ago. I read about it in the diary section of Ed's Blog.

The next event you might like to go to is The Harvest Picnic this sunday at Hanging Rock (around 45mins drive from the city). I was intending to go, then got involved with Slow Food fest and was doing that, but now have a 50th birthday I can't possibly pass up.

purple goddess said...


The Harvest Picnic OR Slow Food??

How is a girl to decide??

I see you met my fave cheese, the Meredith goats milk.

That was the one I used for BB1.

Vida said...

Bummer about past and bummer about Sunday, would have loved to have gone with you to either, I will try for Sunday myself anyway. V x

stickyfingers said...

Yes PG, Meredith goats cheese is one of our favourites, I can get it locally at the South Melbourne Market, but it was nice to meet the people behind the produce. Mr Stickyfingers is so hooked that it has to be rationed and I have to distract him with tasks like Bruny island oyster shucking instead - LOL!

Harvest festival is huge fun and twice a year, some of the people who have displays are also at the citye farmers markets. I would suggest Slow Food on saturday and Harvest Picnic on sunday.

GS said...

Did you try the smoked eel that you pictured? I'm always keen to find good quality local product. How did it rate?

Sorry I didn't get to meet you yesterday at the talkfest.

stickyfingers said...

Hello AOF, thanks for commenting, I was disappointed we didn't meet yesterday too.

On the subject of the eel, it was smoky and rich, just lovely. I bought an enormous one and gave half to my parents who love smoked eel too. The Polish sausage from Fiona at Fernleigh was another great find, it keeps getting better and better.