24 July 2008

Bloggers Banquet 3

Open Invitation:
Meatless Blog Meet

Date: Saturday 26th July
Time: 12.30

Lentil as Anythings @ The
Abbotsford Convent
and afterwards at
Handsome Steve’s House of Refreshment
in the same complex

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Organised this time by blogger 'Another Outspoken Female' at Confessions of a Food Nazi, is this week's meet up of Melbourne Food Bloggers, which goes vegetarian and marries with The Slow Food Movement's Farmers Market.

Open to all local bloggers and partners, these gatherings are a great way for those with blogs and their regular readers to see each other in person and cements friendships within the Melbourne online food community. You may also become aware of blogs you have yet to visit.

We started with our first outing last November organised by Ed of Tomato with a meeting of minds at the St.Kilda Veg Out Garden with a wood fired cooking frenzy utilising their oven. It then moved to the luscious Purple Goddess and Furry's wood oven at Chez Fur de Mer in Dromana earlier this year.

This time the meeting's on neutral territory for both
Bloggers North and South of the Yarra, with no cooking required at Lentil as Anything, located at The Abbotsford Convent. If you go early, you can also shop at the monthly Farmers Market and be sure to also check out the produce around the corner in the courtyard. Shoppers should BYO bags of course, as the market eschews the use of plastic bags.

Omnivores also have the option of an egg and bacon sarnie at the market with proceeds going to the local Steiner School. Pastry lovers can check out The Convent Bakery and its old wood ovens that used to service the nunnery. The buildings and grounds of the convent on the Yarra are worth a side trip to stroll around and if you're bringing kids, take some extra time to walk around The Collingwood Children's Farm next door.

Naturally everyone who has attended a BB has begun with the jitters, but within a short space of time, things fall into place, as there is much in common to talk about. So far, at least a dozen people have committed to attending and with it looking like a long afternoon, the option is there to bowl up later in the day for a drink and a chat up at Handsome Steve's House of Refreshment (just look for his brollies).
If you're interested and can spare the time, I'm sure you'll enjoy the bonhomie that a friendly gathering of food bloggers can muster.

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