01 July 2008

FoodBuzz fairy

The greatest gift you can give another
is the purity of your attention.

The Food Buzz fairy has been again.

The first time was to send me little business cards with which to promote my blog, and I was well chuffed. Then today a 100% organic calico bag arrived, with a badge stamped with my blog name. I liked it and guess the badge will come in handy to wear to Bloggers Banquets. It will be an effective way for FoodBuzz to get their name into the minds of those fascinated with food.

Now that's good thinking Marketers. After seeing so many people trying to hook clumsily into the blogging culture, these people actually get what makes us tick. No sock puppetry, no spamming - nice work.

If you've not heard of FoodBuzz, it is still in its Beta phase as a fairly new form of social networking among food bloggers. Via seeding, your blogs can be viewed there and it still count as views to your site. You also have a feed reader facility there to keep abreast of your favourites and primarily it is an excellent way to discover other like-minded sites and bloggers both locally and globally.

Clicks through to FoodBuzz from your site earn remuneration via PayPal, but I'm not fussed about that. I just enjoy browsing there and seeing what's happening in the Blogosphere. I suppose it's a move on from Tastespotting where rather than just perving, you can interact and show your interests in other people's posts by 'buzzing' them. You receive newsletters which direct you to the sites with the most buzz and email updates on how things are going with the development of the site.

If you like podcasts, FoodBuzz show theirs on BlipTV, which can be subscribed to on iTunes and downloaded to your Pod. I love watching these sorts of things when I'm flying - it generally beats the inflight telly.

So thanks again FoodBuzz - love your work.

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Vida said...

Cute!! So you will be the one wearing the badge and a rose between your teeth! I think I will recognise you!! Vida x

stickyfingers said...

Lol Vida! Yes, I think you will cupcake! I love wearing badges anyway so I'm going to flaunt it.