14 February 2009

Slow Food Trivia Night, Mon 16 February

Back by popular demand is the Slow Food Melbourne Gastronomic Trivia Night with MC Amanda Finnis.

Gastronomica is a quiz with a difference. Form a team and pit your wits against your Gastronomica host. How's your knowledge of Australian wine regions? What do you know about the beers of Europe? Do you know your Stilton from your Brie? Your loin from your chump chops? Your béchamel from your bearnaise? How good are your tasting skills - can you identify separate ingredients from one taste of a dish?

Come along and have a go at overthrowing Table Matteo, the reigning gastro-champs (or is that chumps?). Great fun and fantastic prizes - as usual!

Quiz begins at 8pm
Collins Quarter
, 86a Collins Street
(between Exhibition and Russell street)
See the Collins Quarter website for location details.

Gastronomica is a quiz night like no other involving:

  • Appetiser - a special written question
  • Entrée - 10 general questions
  • Main Course - 10 multiple choice questions
  • Palate Cleansers - take on the MC, one-on-one, for a chance of a prize
  • Dessert - 10 questions on a specialist topic

For each Gastronomica quiz night there will be interactive questions involving a taste or smell ... and a variety of spot quizzes for instant prizes.

The unique quiz that is Gastronomica also features:

The Wheel of Cheese

The Wheel of Cheese is a truly marvellous construction. This specially designed wheel is used to decide the degree of difficulty of certain "spot quizzes" that occur during the night. Will the question be soft, medium or hard?

The Mystery Box

A mystery consumable item is placed inside a box. A clue as to the contents is placed on the top. To guess the contents a gold coin donation is required. At the end of the night the first correct entry to be drawn from a hat wins the box and its contents. All proceeds from The Mystery Box go to a charity of the organiser's choice.

The Instant Review

Teams get the chance to try a wine, spirit, beer, food ... and then write a 25-word review. The review deemed the best by your Gastronomica host, wins a prize.

Collins Quarter would like to invite you to Ra (upstairs) for Champagne and cigars after the trivia or come early for a bite to eat first.

I have seven people in my team and would welcome others...

...Let me know if you'd like to come.


Anonymous said...

I SO want to come to this Sticky AND want to eat those lovely laquered birdies (quail?)in your picture.
Kick Team Matteos arse!

stickyfingers said...

I wish YOU could be there Steve. Perhaps SLOW Tassie could borrow the formula as a fundraiser?

The lacquered birds are a Laotian takeaway staple. I snapped the shot in Luang Prabang. They are small chickens and sit piled up at hawker stalls alongside bags of green papaya salad and banana leaf leaf wrapped parcels of sticky rice. Yummo.

Zoe said...

I'd love that too - it would be lots of fun to watch the crowd, and I'm sure a very humbling experience!