18 December 2007



Tapioca fried, soft shell blue swimmer crab with a salad of sour mango, peanuts, palm sugar and fish sauce with BBQ pork and rice paddy herb

Half shell Hervey bay scallops with yellow curry sauce, crispy fried shallots, coriander and lime


One side only seared Yellowfin tuna, sweet smoked fish salad with galangal and kaffir lime

Steamed Bluewater barramundi with pomelo, banana flower and hot mint salad, spring onion, sesame and ginger pancake


Passionfruit delicious pudding, lemon myrtle ice cream, champagne jelly and citrus salad

“Iced Pearl” (pictured at the head of the post)
A pearl of glazed pineapple lime sorbet and vanilla ice cream with mango and seasonal berries

Pearl's famous hot chocolate

I won't have time to blog this week, so here's the food porn from my birthday dinner at Pearl to keep you interested. Suffice to say that it was exemplary in all respects and has me thinking of a post on the provenance of a restaurants ingredients and how thy affect the dining experience. In Pearl's case they the suppliers are listed on the last page of their menu, such is their confidence in the quality and reliability of their produce. Bravo!

Fenix who? Details to follow.


grocer said...

looks divine.
hope you had a wonderful night
and a happy belated birthday

purple goddess said...

Happy birthday, love...

And that looks MUCH nicer than that MG stuff at Fenix.

Are you coming to play tonight??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sticky!
I'm with PG, stick that test-tube frankenfood back right up his kilt & swap it for a Pearl!

Ed Charles said...

Yes, It looks stunning. Never had a bad meal at Pearl, just expensive ones.