26 December 2007

Santa and me


You may have come across naughty Santas
who can't control their hands. But have you ever heard of a woman being arrested for groping Santa?

That's exactly what is alleged in the US, with a woman facing sex assault charges after an incident at a shopping centre.

Santa claimed a woman touched him inappropriately while sitting on his lap at Connecticut's Danbury Fair mall over the weekend.

She was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and breach of peace, The News-Times reported in its Tuesday edition.

She was released on a promise to appear in court on January 3.

I’ve been told that I’m difficult to buy presents for.

Apparently it is difficult to distill my eccentricities because unless you share my taste it can be hard to come to grips with.

I like Mid-Twentieth Century Modern Design, dress alternatively, jog in stilettoes - in fact I'm sporting a towering pair of fuschia satin heels as I type. I'm breaking them in. Tomorrow I will wear them with a simple dark olive gown and a matching fuschia corsage to distract from my decolletage as part of a wedding ensemble. Mr Stickyfingers will have a matching boutonniere. But I digress. For now, back to my confounding taste.

On my iPod there is anything from Break Beats to alternative, all forms of Jazz except Trad and have playlists for Brazilian, Classical, Ska and Punk. I have a small collection of vintage scarves but I prefer travel to hoarding stuff. I like boutique Art based jewellery from local Jewellers and Silver Smiths. I was raised around wine and know my stuff. The cupboard is full of Riedel O series (that's pronounced like NEEDLE, not the High School in Grease). I have 24 crystal champagne flutes, but my favourite drink is a dry martini.

I’m allergic to paraffin based candle smoke. Candles are reported to be one of the most unwanted gifts in Australia, alongside foot spas and novelty neck ties. We have no room in our little home for generally popular crud. That stuff resides in storage at Kennards until such a time as Mr Stickyfingers can offload it on eBay.

Where I am easy to please is naturally enough with gourmet or boutique groceries, cookbooks and gadgets…and dark chocolate.

So this year, after the annual bun fight, it was with great pleasure that Mr Stickyfingers and I received the following:

375ml Maggie Beer Extra Virgin Olive Oil

375ml Maggie Beer Aged Red Wine Vinegar

285gm Ogilvie Sundried Tomato Mustard

190gm Byron Bay Cookie Co. Fig and Olive Tapenade

100gm Oi Mild Chilli and Olive Tapenade

Puccini Amsterdam Bomboni – hand made dark chocolates

25Og Unibic Chocolate Chip biscuits

Ferrero Collection Chocolates

Lindtdor Collection Dark Chocolates

Shortbread handmade by my Godson Cody & his big brother Bailey
(from a yummy kid’s cookbook that I gave Bailey recently)

I was overjoyed when Santa gave me Maggie Beer’s latest tome – Maggie’s Harvest. But it was the Sunbeam FoodSaver, to Cryovac all and sundry to my heart’s content, that earnt him a grope.

What was your ‘best’ present this year?


Pat Churchill said...

My family were very brave this year. I have a lot of cookbooks because I review them. But two men in my house took a punt. Younger son gave me that delicious Maggie Beer book and The Spouse gave me Tom Parker-Bowles' book. I didn't have either and I was so pleased with their choices because I wanted both. I also received a new microwave oven because the digital panel on my old one got mangled when we shifted to Oz 2.5 years ago and I suddenly got sick of hoping I'd dialled in the right info.
I'm interested in your foodsaver. I've had a vacuum machine for some time but maybe yours uses thicker plastic bags? Tell us how it goes.

purple goddess said...

best pressie this year??

Mater Beige hadn't overcooked the turkey!!!

muito cause for celebration, that.

Anonymous said...

At 8am christmas morning, mini me climbed into bed for a cuddle, closely followed by her older and wiser 8 year old counterpart, instead of rushing to the loungeroom to unwrap their christmas bounty. Its the people you love and not what they give you, that makes christmas special - they were listening to their loved-up idealistic mum after all (not rolling their eyes thinking 'who are you trying to kid mother, YOU WORK IN BLOODY ADVERTISING')

Sometimes the most special gifts are free - nothing else came close this year, and the brocoli man with the dangly legs who is currently sitting on my bedside table is going to give me nightmares... thanks nanna