29 July 2009

WTF? Spotted in Asia

New Zealand Cheddar and White Chocolate Doughnut
sounds odd but a good tasting combo on a light, fluffy doughnut

Happy toast and doughnut keyrings

Firecracker lobster crisps: A curious flavour but great with a beer

Another food journey has just ended, we called this one the Hawker Nose Bag Holiday. My cholesterol must be through the roof and I've got fat in spite of wandering until foot sore in hot and extremely humid conditions.

We sampled so many hawker morsels that by the end of the trip I felt nauseous from all the lard, ghee, coconut cream, condensed milk, sugar and refined flours, we consumed. But it was a trip of a lifetime as the business of hawker food in South East Asia lessens in popularity and younger generations go to university in order to move beyond family food stalls into professional lives. Stay tuned for some delicious tales from the Hawker Nose Bag Holiday.