13 February 2011

Hungry for food porn

A Preview of one of my Stickifingers Tumblr pages

It's been a while between posts. And that's because I now have a foot in Social Media as a career which includes also writing blogs professionally. I'm very active with multiple accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Digg, Wordpress, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and other social platforms. It's all in a day's work now.
At The Fat Duck

Recently some of my online followers asked to see more of my food porn. So I've set up a Tumblr micro blog to facilitate this. You see, I take a lot of food photos. If you go out to eat with my family, increasingly everyone is taking snaps of the food. So it makes sense to share some of them. As this blog is a place where I think out loud, think of the Stickifingers Tumblr as seeing food through my eyes. And naturally my Stickifingers Twitter feed is all food banter.

The Tumblr posts also are posted through to Twitter so if you don't want to use RSS to keep track of new posts, they'll show up there too. And my personal friends get to see them through my private facebook account.

A Brussels Friterie featuring fried cheese & frites
The shots over at the Stickifingers Tumblr are quite random. There are a mix of homecooked efforts and general food photos. One moment you'll be seeing what we ate for breakfast, then snaps taken on day two of the opening of St.Ali's Mo Pho, next there is the Food Bloggers dinner at Steer, chicken rice in Singapore and there are also food photos taken in Brussels, Vietnam, London, Luang Prabang,  plus food photo's from Paris' Bastille outdoor market.

It's a visual diary. It's a place where you can see some of my sustainable food efforts, meals dining out and adventures in search of more food knowledge.

The layout is like a pinboard. Each post looks like a card and can be flipped over for more details by clicking on the information icons. You can also view them individually by clicking on the arrow button in the top right hand corner of each post, and from there share them or 'like' them. They can be viewed randomly, in sequential order or by their tags.

Anyway, if you pay me a visit there, I really hope you enjoy what you see. I think of it as revealing another layer of my food persona.

Rude food in Bruges

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