17 October 2007

Roundtable Wines

"Tangy and citrus peel on the nose: slightly musky too.
Excellent fruit weight in the mouth - pear skin and citrus peel again - a real mouthful in fact, with excellent fruit persistence. Really tasty and reasonably priced."
Tim White, The Age, Melbourne magazine, 25/1/07

After working everywhere from Brazil to Moldova, Vales homeboy
Nick Bickford made this crunchy biodynamic tracker from the
New South Wales Canowindra tablelands. What a relief.
Bone-dry, furry with appetising tannin, and loaded with Old World rusticism, it's clean, fine, focused and stunning. Respect.
Bickle just rewrote Oz chardonnay. Bouillabaise. 94/100
Philip White, The Advertiser 19/04/06

Nick Bickford’s first, 2005 vintage wines - a lean and minerally unwooded chardonnay and savoury, gluggable shiraz - were made from Rosnay-grown certified biodynamic grapes.
Max Allen, Red, White and Green.com.au

Ok this is my first blog-flog. I’m doing it to support my dear friend, the winemaker Nick Bickford and to put food on his family’s table. Nick is offering up the last 200 cases of his beautifully crafted Roundtable biodynamic organic white wine for sale direct…and what a drop it is. As you can see the critics have given him top marks.

Passion however can be an expensive thing. A great quality wine is no guarantee of sales either. Nick has admirably scraped together not only blood, sweat and tears to create this wine, but also every last cent he has, to make his dream of a quality organic, sustainable wine come true. And he not only still works for wineries, but he does other odd jobs to keep the wolf from the door too.

Born and raised in the magnificent McLaren Vale wine region of South Australia, Nick and his family are passionate about sustainability and his grapes are sourced from dedicated grape growing, organic accredited vineyards. The packaging is recyclable and the production of which has been achieved with minimal environmental impact. Amongst all this, his wine is a particularly fine contemporary unoaked chardonnay.

So this is what I want you to do: put your drinking elbow to use and put some of this great wine in your cellar, then tell your friends. If any of you or your friends would like to invest in this excellent product - that not only is sumptuous but also paves the way to a better world - Nick is also happy to discuss ongoing partnerships in the business.

C’mon get behind an Aussie battler who is trying to do his best for the planet and give everyone a little pleasure in the process.

Roundtable Wines ‘Bianco Verde’ 2005 Organic Unoaked Chardonnay
$60 per half dozen, $95 per dozen. Free delivery within Australia



purple goddess said...

All good for blog flogs.. Oh, that I had a winemaker friend that I could shamelessly hustle for..

**insert tragic sigh**

Will grab a case forthwith

Anonymous said...
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purple goddess said...


Payment went thru about 5 mins ago!!!

Will be sampling it tonight!!

**rubs hands with glee and giggles not a little maniacally**

Anonymous said...

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